Important Safety Rules You Have to Follow in Trampolining

Bouncing on the trampoline can not only help bouncer build their way to health but also can produce a big smile on their face. Indeed, when you are constantly jumping up and down on the trampoline, you will be able to burn out lots of calories so that you can really keep in a good shape by trampolining. While bouncing on trampoline, those bold young people tend to make all kinds of tricks to show off their skills. Some of these tricks may require lots of motions and movements during this process. Under this condition, you will have to set up some safety rules to protect those players from accidents.

Safety rules for players to follow in trampoline

Usually, the trampoline is made of highly-flexible scrim, of which each side are tied up to springs that are settled around the bouncing area. Those scrims that are directly used to catch up the player are made of supreme material so that it can endure heavy weight and fierce forces. Also, those springs are made of high-quality alloy steel so that it can stay in good condition for decades. The whole framework was well wrapped up with soft foam so that it can provide enough cushion under a collision. What’s more, the whole trampoline area will be separated from other facilities with safety nets that are made of high-quality nylon ropes. Though there are so many safety precautions taken in advance, those players will still need to follow some basic safety rules to perform a safe and comfortable play.

  • Sharp objects prohibited: Before you begin to bounce freely, you have to check all your belongings to make sure you won’t jump with any kind of sharp objects. For example, you will have to take off belt buckles or clothing studs before entering the trampolining area. On the one hand, these sharp objects will cause damage to the scrim by scratching or perforating. On the other hand, the sharp object will also pose a threat to the player himself. For instance, the clothing studs may hurt their necks while they are making a flipping. Make sure you have taken off all sharp objects before your play.
  • No shoes: Normally, you will also be prohibited to wear shoes entering the trampoline area. This is because you will have difficulty to keep in balance while you are making tracks. As a result of this, you will easily get a twist on your ankles. Also, the trampoline will also get dirty more easily if it gets a frequent exposure to shoes. Considering this fact, only the player wearing socks will be only permitted to enter the trampoline.
  • No jewelries: Before you enter the trampoline area, you will be asked to put aside all your jewelries. The jewelries, especially those with sharp edges, can easily hurt yourself when you are doing a track.

The safety rules above will be extremely important for the player to deliver a safe and secure bouncing on trampoline. As indoor playground business owners, you will think more than these to ensure your customers will play in safe environment.